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Understand Connect, Thrive: Developing Your Practice (Online Classroom)

This online classroom will help you think about how inclusive you currently are and, even better, how you can make those important adaptations and modifications to your session to enable ALL your people to develop at their own pace and achieve their own personal goals

You’ve got your kit sorted and you understand what makes the people who come to your sessions tick. BUT. How do you adapt your activities, your drills and your games to ensure every one of your people gets the most from their training or fitness sessions?

Are you a truly inclusive coach?

You think STEP, the Inclusion Spectrum and AIM (Access Inclusion Model) are just for coaches in disability sport? Think again. We can guarantee that at the end of this session you will be able to:

  • understand what person-centred coaching means and how you can embed it into each session you coach
  • reflect on your own coaching practice 
  • create and/or develop your own activities to include all participants who attend your coached sessions.

You can access the online classroom through your mobile phone, tablet, PC or laptop. The online classroom is powered by webex. To test access to this software click here.

You will need the following equipment:

  • Headset or a device with speakers
  • Device with a microphone
  • Ability to connect directly into your router (wifi access may drop out)


Find a course date that works for you and book on.

We will be in touch to:

  1. Confirm your booking
  2. Send you a link to your session
  3. Tell you your certificate is ready to view on your dashboard (after your session).

This session will run for around 90 minutes to 2 hours. It depends on the flow of the session – we don’t like to cut people off while they are learning! 

You are part of a small group so you will have a chance to discuss points and ask questions – as if you are in a face to face workshop, only you get to sit in your own chair and drink a real cuppa in your own mug and not something brown from a vending machine!

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